Attorney Derrick Boyd Shares Lesson from Tarrant County Ponzi-like Scheme

2019-01-30T16:38:23-06:00September 20th, 2018|News|

Two Tarrant County Residents Defrauded 230 Investors of $345 Million in Ponzi-like Scheme

Firm partner Derrick Boyd sees many similarities between the recent Tarrant County case and a case he tried in Travis County.  The Travis County trial arose out of a Ponzi-scheme operated by a man in the Austin area that used promissory notes to induce investors to make investments that turned out to be fraudulent. Boyd represented a number of investors victimized by that scheme.

The lesson says Boyd, “is that wolves appear in sheep’s clothing and many investors will be deceived by these unscrupulous thieves.  These guys are really good at looking legitimate and even the most vigilant investor can be fooled.”

The SEC has obtained an emergency asset freeze and continuing their investigation. Read more on

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